Tuesday, July 9, 2013

zen horsemanship

SONY DSCi've been reading some books and blogs about being in the moment, simplifying our lives and learning to appreciate the little things.  this morning the whole family woke up feeling energized and ready to clean up and clean out.  we now have quite a few bags to donate and a few full of garbage as well.  it feels so good to de-clutter.

it got me thinking last night about de-cluttering my mind.  it's so full of goals and expectations that i'm getting bogged down in my horsemanship.  i have forgotten how to live in the moment.  this is a fairly recent problem as i really do feel that i have been living in the moment with billy up until level 4.  i didn't let the goals pull me under, instead i floated along on the euphoria of our achievements, no matter how small.

level 4 is about refinement and the games seem to have gotten harder.  there are certain tasks that i feel would be easier if i were riding billy as he would have a better understanding of what i'm asking and how he is supposed to respond.  i also wonder...if i teach him to do some of these things on the ground first how is that going to translate when i'm on his back?  but again, i find myself all bogged down with the how.

when we simplify and live in the moment the how of it all doesn't seem to matter so much.  not only does it not matter, but both billy and i have a lot more fun and are more relaxed with each other.  the games come easier.  the communication opens up.

it all boils down to me and how i am handling it all.  i believe that if i let go of some of my goals and expectations, level 4 will just come to us.  a timeline doesn't matter at this point.  i will ride billy when he is ready regardless if we've passed our level 4 online and liberty, or not.

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