Thursday, July 25, 2013

susannah conway

billyupcloseandpersonal"... every day is a new beginning. Platitude, cliche, TRUTH. When you really sink into what that means it's remarkable really. We get to start over every 24 hours. We get to choose again: another breath. Another meal. Another decision. Another chance."          ~Susannah Conway

when i read the above in a love letter that showed up in my inbox the other day i was blown away by the truth of it.  every day is a new day.  that is true for us and is most certainly true for our horses.  i have put an end to a session that is not going well, returned billy to his pen, or turned him loose for a little graze, while i walked away for a little while.  i took that time to really think things over, get re-inspired and head back out a few hours later.  for billy that is exactly like a new day.  a new session, a new day, a new beginning.

lucky us that horses are so forgiving and willing to live in the moment...

Susannah Conway went on to say,  "When I'm having a crap day and nothing seems to be going right, I sink so gratefully into my bed, knowing that sleep will reboot my brain, ready to start again tomorrow."

i like to think of sleep as a reboot time.  that is so true.  when i don't get a good nights sleep i feel so weighed down by yesterday and yesterday's problems.  when i get a good nights sleep i feel so refreshed and yesterday stays in yesterday and doesn't leak over into today.

because really, i have enough to think about without yesterdays sessions leaking into today's!

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