Friday, July 26, 2013

a little something for the weekend

alittlesomethingfortheweekendcollagei won this DVD set when i made a video for the horse and soul tour in iowa...  kalley is a wonderful teacher.  i could sit and watch her for hours.  she is so confident and calm.  her descriptions and directions are easy to understand and learn from.  i highly recommend the Pre Saddle Training DVD set!!  it goes over all the level 1 stuff, but with a high degree of excellence.  i found it very helpful when she would show one of the entry level games and then talk about how to improve it before riding the young horse.

i really admire Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling.  his books are easy to read and beautiful to look at.

i am really interested in this book.  stephanie also writes a wonderful blog with lots of really helpful information.

i listened to this book on my ipod while playing with billy last winter.  it was a wonderful book!!! i highly recommend it.

billy REALLY needs one of these....

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