Wednesday, May 29, 2013



natural horsemanship = communication, understanding and psychology

cause your idea to become their idea, but understand their idea first.

this is key when playing with billy blaze.  if i take the time to listen to him and understand why he doesn't do what i'm asking all the answers are right there in front of me!

when i have been effective in my play session it means that i have been understood.  and that i have taken the time to understand billy.

it's important to plan your play sessions around the success of your horse.  if i head out there too goal oriented, that equals me becoming a direct line thinker which in turn turns me into a predator.  once i become that predator billy quits wanting to be with me and wanting to do what i'm asking.

if i take the time to understand what he is thinking that ensures that i don't get into any arguments with him.  once i give into that argumentative side we go backwards in our journey and not forwards.

understanding leads to leadership which leads to safety for the horse.  when the horse feels safe then you have earned it's respect.

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