Wednesday, May 22, 2013

horse and soul


the horse and soul tour was so inspiring.  i sat there completely riveted trying to soak up every little tidbit.  i'm not sure when i'll have the chance to do that again!  i was so intent/intense that i ended up with a head ache both days.  LOL!  it's hard work memorizing everything that's happening out there!

one of the things that i really studied is how everyone used their energy, not their tools, during the demonstrations.  those horses were so connected, two eyes, two ears, truly connected to their person no matter what was going on around them.

watching them bring their energy up and then lowering it to go into neutral was truly inspiring.  this is what i would like to work on this summer, by myself and also at the David Lichman clinic.  i want to truly understand how my energy effects my horse.

the savvy team showed me how truly effective it is!  there is something about seeing it in person versus on the DVD's.  i could FEEL it myself, even sitting in the stands.  amazing.



  1. That's a great goal for summer! I should be more aware of mine, too.

  2. Remember my mission, Mindy? To raise and lower my energy in the right way, at the right time to effectively communicate with my horses (and other horses...and people!). That is what makes AMAZING horse-women!
    I am so glad that you got to go to the tour stop, too! You and your family made some wonderful memories in the last week or so. Some memories that the boys will remember all their lives! What a gift.
    And, lastly, I'm glad that you got to go because your take on PNH is fresh and alive. I'm so fortunate that you LOVE TO SHARE so that I can be a recipient of part of what you learned. ;0) You are going to be a FABULOUS Parelli Professional someday. (That day may be closer than you think.)

  3. XOXOX Lisa!!! thank you so much for being so supportive ;) it's so wonderful to surround myself with positive, progressive thinkers like you!