Thursday, August 15, 2013

a little something for the weekend



i am packing and getting all ready for my little road trip to the David Lichman clinic!!!!  billy and i will be leaving tomorrow so i put together this post to tide you over until i get back and have time to type up and upload all my notes and pictures.  i'm so excited!!!!

so in the meantime...

please, grab a steaming mug of your favorite tea/coffee/hot chocolate and sit back to enjoy some wonderful music and TOTALLY creative videos.  i LOVE lindsey stirling and can't wait to share her with you!!

i use her music in pretty much all my videos....


electric daisy violin (this is my favorite song!!)

moon trance 

spontaneous me


and here are a couple of her playing with other artists...

we found love


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  1. I LOVE Lindsey Sterling! Spontaneous Me is definitely my fave :)