Sunday, September 22, 2013

making our better best

billyscollagesometimes i lay awake at night worrying that i am letting billy down.  lately i've had such a hard time getting any play time in because of my darned foot, then i got the flu, it's been so hot and buggy making play time miserable. and on and on and on.  all these excuses.  they keep me up at night.

i think about all that we have to do before i can ride him.  at this rate i won't be on his back until he is 10 and i'm 45!!

then that sends me back to the fact that i can not get all caught up in the "shoulds" of life.  what i should do compared to what i am doing.  nothing that i'm doing right now, allowing billy to grow up some more, eat yummy green grass, chase his goats, is hurting him.  not at all!

i'll ride him when i ride him.  i sat on him two days ago and he was totally fine with it.  we have come so far in our horsemanship and have a long way to go, but again, i remind myself that we don't have a timeline.

billyatonecollagei like to look back at pictures i've taken of billy over the years that i've had him.  it's amazing how much he has changed, grown up, started to really muscle up.  i can see by his build that he has a bit more filling out to do and i have some weight to lose.  giving each other a bit more time is a great idea.

we will work on making our better best!


  1. Time moves really slow when we are waiting for something we want to do. When we can't do something that we love to do it moves even slower than before. Funny thing is when we get to do what we want to do time speeds up again. Time is indeed a funny thing the most important thing is waiting to ride until the horse is full grown and we are sure we have him trained. I purchased my fily Miss Lily at 20 months she just turned 8. You will be riding before you know it and you will have a partner who will trust you as you are a great human leader. I am a home study student of Parelli too, I use Parelli on horses, mules and Donkeys. :) Melody

  2. thank you so much melody. you are so right :) i have two boys and do understand how we think about the future so much that before we know it it's our past! i am trying to live more in the moment and not worry about things so much. the last few weeks have been so full of everything BUT horsemanship that i started to feel discouraged. thank you for reminding me to live in the moment!!

  3. I know how you feel with the worry and "shoulds" but I love your attitude. Take the time it takes, and just enjoy the journey! You are obviously doing something right, because Billy is so much better off than when you got him, and your horsemanship is growing in leaps and bounds. You'll both get there, maybe without even realizing it. You will wake up one day and be riding off into the sunset on Mr. Billy Blaze and be wondering why you ever worried at all! :) Savvy on, Mindy!

  4. thank you melissa! i do think about the days when i'll look back at the beginning of our journey and laugh at how i thought it took so long :) i remind myself of that when i'm laying awake at night worrying. LOL

    thanks so much for your inspiring words ;) i really appreciate your comments.... :*

  5. He looks so stinkin' good!
    It's about the journey not the destination ;). You two are doing so great and he is so, so, so lucky to have you!