Saturday, April 27, 2013



lightness: n.
1. The state or quality of having little weight or force.
2. Ease or quickness of movement; agility.

just when i think i'm being light and gentle, billy shows me exactly WHAT being light actually is, what it looks like,  how it feels.  i really think about what i'm asking for each time i lay my hands on him or pick up my rope.

i work on myself every time i leave the barn.

i make sure i PLAY with billy.

what is he thinking?  how does he feel about what we are doing?

so many things to notice and read.  i am constantly adjusting our session to address whatever comes up.  some days what i consider to be light he feels is too hard.  when he is telling me this he will become obstinate, heavy, unwilling to move.  he'll push on me as hard as he feels i'm pushing on him.  in this moment i need to take a step back and think about what he is telling me.  if he is resistant, then it means i am asking the question incorrectly.  the heavier he is the lighter i need to be!

lightness = the state or quality of having little weight or force.

the lighter i get the lighter he gets.

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  1. Mindy, Yes, Lyle is showing me about the meaning of lightness also. If you read Buck Brannaman's book "Believe" you will find the Best description of lightness that I have Ever seen. It is in one of the opening chapters. Thank you because you are really helping me to llearn about horses.